.:: Me, Saori... ::.

I'm a 29 years old mother of 2 wonderfull girls: M. 3.5 years  old & A. 20 months old. I'm married since 6 years now ^^ I studied English, Spanish & Japanese, then I went into Computer Science. Now I'm a housewife.

- I Love reading (Anne Mc Caffrey, Piers Anthony etc...)
- I Love watching film animations (Walt Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks etc...)
- I Love cats (I have 2: 1 Birman & 1 longhaired all black)
- I Love Fantasy, Cuteness & Esthetism ^^
- I Love Virtual Life (Sims2, Creatures, GoPets etc...)

I'm a Dark Romantic Dreamer...

Now for the most specifics things,
I'm addicted to collect things. In real life I collect tea/coffee cups, soaps, canddles, books for the same author, video games from the same serie, DVD from the same editors... I used to collect Magic the gathering cards but it went to futuristic for me, I definitely prefer past than future. I found with online tcgs exactly what I need to satiate my collector disease. Of course, do I have to precise I love collecting little pixels from the Internet to fill my Toy Box or even a Quilt (who knows!).
I'm also addicted to (yes, I'm a multi-passionate person lol) little critters to take care like tamagochis, creatures 1&2, some virtual life sites like Blobzone or LegendiaLand and most of all: GoPets. I found GoPets at its very first days, in April 2005. I rapidly became an Official GoPets Partner & I'm working with the wonderfull GoPets Team for over a year now. I'm in charge of the french localization (both site & game). I may have forgotten to mention I'm french :) Last but not least, I'm a big fan of the Sims series, both 1 & 2. As a great collector I have all the addons & kits from the very first Sims 1 to the latest Sims 2 Pets. Okay I'm done!

I wish you a great visit on my modest website, take care & don't forget to hug the ones you love everyday...